Basic obedience (4-8 trainings):


  • Loose leash walking

  • Basic commands

  • Recall ("Come!" command)

  • Restrictions ("No" command)

  • Interactions with other dogs and people

  • Leadership: how to create healthy and friendly relations with a dog

Problem solving (amount of trainings is individual for every case):


  • Fear (of street, people, dogs, noises, cars)

  • Aggression (towards people, dogs, cats)

  • Elimination at home

  • Separation anxiety (barking, howling, destruction). 

  • Riding in a car

  • Hyperactivity

Trainings for children (4 trainings):

  • how to interact with your dog properly

  • how to greet and interact with an unknown dog (at home, on the street, in the woods)

  • how to play with a dog properly

  • basic dog training​

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