Our school was founded to contribute to mutual understanding between humans and dogs. Our «students» learn how to understand their dogs, their needs, signals and body language. How to explain anything to a dog, how to build communication with the dog, how to prevent or correct an unwanted behavior by finding the reason of this behavior (and no, its not dominance). We do train all basic commands and tricks, though its not the ultimate goal but only a tool for better communication with your dog. 

We use only modern, no-fear, no-pain methods of dog training. Students are not allowed to use any traumatizing equipment (no prong-collars, no choke-chains, no electric-collars). We reeeeeeally love dogs and we base our training on behavioral science, so no one is allowed to scare dogs, beat them or yell at them. You can attend trainings with your whole family, everyone is welcome.


Our school welcomes any dogs - big, small, very small, very big. We have puppy classes and classes for experienced dogs. Dogs with dog-to-dog aggression are not allowed to enter the group immediately, but individual trainings for those dogs will be very helpful.

Head trainer - Natasha Bystrova

  • Associate Member of PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe) Association

  • Karen Pryor Academy graduate (Dog Trainer Foundations course) 

  • School of Applied Ethology graduate (Dog Behavior Modification course)

  • Duke Univercity graduate (Dog Emotion and Cognition course)

  • Animal behavior conferences and seminars' regular attendant and lecturer

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